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A lot has happened since our last news update! Watch this space for the latest news, updates and offers.

Since the last post our nurse Zoe has had a baby ‘Lottie’ and has now returned to work part time. Zoe is now the CQC lead for Chagford Dental Practice, as well as one of our Dental Nurses.

This year Emma has started her Dental Nurse training with Pinhoe Dental Nurse Training and will be due to qualify early 2018.

We have welcomed Nicola back as one of our Hygienists replacing Jackie when she retired.

We said a sad goodbye to Verity and welcomed Holly and Rachel to the nursing team.


We only went and won it didn’t we?!!!  Ably led by Zoe the team put together our display featuring the film Shrek.  Zoe and Tam had created some wonderful characters from the film and we displayed them in the windows and on the railings at the front of the practice.

Zoe Francis accepted the award on behalf of Chagford Dental Practice.  Well done to all!

2013 film festival award




monty (2)

Little Monty Channing arrived on Thursday 20th June 2013 weighing 7lbs 2oz.  Mother, Father and baby are all well and slightly overwhelmed by everything!

Sally, Simon and Monty would like to thank all patients and friends for their fabulous cards, gifts and good wishes.  xx



Ben Nevis 1 small        Ben Nevis 3 small      the team at the top of Snowdon

Our 3 peaks Mountain Challenge is now over. One of the most amazing experiences ever!  Ben Nevis was just crazy as 90mph winds and razor sharp ice crystals blasted the summit, despite this we made it to the top and then a quick descent.  Scafell Pike was also a tough test as the visibility was some of the worst our guide had encountered – just seeing the path 10ft away became impossible – and this was at night as well as in the fog!  However Snowdon was a dream – blue sky and sunshine all the way and really made up for the battering we had taken on the previous two mountains! 

Our official time was 23 hours and 48 minutes – and we have raised over £3,000 for Devon Air Ambulance – Thank you all for your support.

Zoom Whitening is Back

Back in October last year all tooth whitening was restricted in the UK due to a complete overhaul of the system by the EU.

Unfortunately, in the past, a lot of beauty parlours and other non dentally qualified personnel had been carrying out tooth whitening with very poor quality, and sometimes dangerous, products often with disastrous results.

The General Dental Council (GDC) looked into it and put all tooth whitening on hold while they came up with the definitive legislation required to ensure that only fully qualified dental personnel (dentists and hygienists who have carried out the required training) can carry out the procedure.

We are delighted to announce that our very popular Zoom in-surgery tooth whitening system is now fully available for our patients.

 10 before        

from this…………………………………………to this in just 2 hours

Jackie Hammans (our hygienist) has the required training and knowledge to treat our whitening patients and the new and enhanced Zoom system is now available to you. The new procedure involves an ‘in-surgery whitening’ kick start which will boost the natural colour of your teeth in one two hour appointment.  You may then wear whitening trays at home (if you feel you would like to enhance the colour further) for 30 minutes twice a day for one or two weeks. 

The results we have achieved have been excellent – do pop into the practice to see before and after photos and have a chat with your dentist.  If you are a suitable candidate you will be referred to Jackie.

The current cost for the Zoom whitening procedure which includes both the surgery treatment and a bespoke home whitening kit  is £375.



We have decided to do the 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance! 

The Challenge involves climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon (that’s the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales) – all within 24 hours!!!!!

Serious training starts now as we are scheduled to complete the event over the weekend of 18th and 19th May 2013. Our team consists of Simon, Jackie, Tam, Zoe, Sandra and Sam.  We are going with a professional guide who will arrange our transport between the mountains and ensure we take the correct routes on each mountain safely and we have all paid our own expenses so every penny we raise via sponsorship will go to Devon Air Ambulance.

We need your support - Please make a donation – simply go to www.justgiving.com/chagforddentalpractice where you will find all the details or ask any of the team for a sponsorship form.



November 2012 is Mouth Cancer Action Month.

DSC01595We are holding an open morning on Wednesday 14th November when anyone can call into the practice for a FREE, No Obligation mouth cancer screening with Dr Sally Button or Dr Simon Channing.

So if you want to get checked out but are not a patient at Chagford Dental Practice now’s your chance - just pop in to 24 Mill St Chagford between 9am and 1pm on Weds 14.11.12.

More information about mouth cancer and the awareness campaign can be found at mouthcancer.org.uk


Bruxism is the term for teeth grinding during sleep which can cause permanent damage to the teeth and often leads to frequent headaches and facial pain.  It is the third most common sleep disorder, with around 8-10% of the UK population affected by it at some time during their life and occurs in both children and adults, most commonly in 25-44 year olds.

Symptoms of bruxism include Damage to teeth & dental work, inflamed gums temperomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, Headaches & ear ache, Neck & shoulder pain
Clicking & other noises, Muscle spasms, Disturbed sleep
Causes of bruxism
Stress & anxiety, Smoking, Caffeine,Heavy alcohol consumption
Recreational drugs, Medications for sleep & depression, Abnormal bite, Other sleep disorders

Treatments - Although there are several treatments available, reducing stress levels and protecting the teeth are probably the best options. 

If you think you suffer have a chat with Sally, Simon or Jonathan at your next visit.

Sept 2012

Chagford Film Festival

was established in 2011 by the Globe Inn with three aims:

To support local businesses, raise funds for charity and to have fun!

After the success of the first festival, funding was awarded by the National Lottery's Village SOS scheme and the festival was established as an independent community organisation.

The whole town will swing as local businesses join in the fun - shop windows with film themes, film clips screening in surprise places, staff dressed up as film characters, quizzes and themed meals in our lovely pubs.

At Chagford Dental Practice we have put together our own window display with a film theme.  See if you can guess what it is……!

Film Festival

Sept 2012

Robin Wilding

Specialist prosthodontist Robin Wilding has recently announced his retirement. Robin has been working with us here at Chagford Dental Practice for the past 3 years carrying out specialist implant surgery for our patients.

We will miss his charisma and humour and wish him every happiness in his retirement.

Our implant patients will continue to be looked after by a new member of our team to be announced shortly.

August 2012

Sally in Olympics Uniform Sally returns from The Olympic Village!

Sally has returned to Chagford Dental Practice having had a brilliant time in London where she has been working as a volunteer dentist at the Olympics for 3 weeks. The dental clinic was very very busy and the hours were long (10 hour shifts sometimes starting at 6am or finishing at 11pm) but the atmosphere in the Olympic village was amazing and she was very pleased to have been involved.  We are delighted she is back home with us now!

July 2012

Don’t forget your toothbrush!!

With the summer holidays practically upon us, lists will be being made in homes up and down the country of what to pack for that longed for vacation!

We urge you not to forget your oral hygiene products.

Electric toothbrushes can be bulky items to take on holiday but if you want to keep to this method of brushing, make sure you pack the charger and a plug adaptor.

Teeth can be effectively cleaned with a manual toothbrush but do keep to brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and try to brush each individual tooth using very small circular movements next to the gumline.

Make sure you pack your dental floss and/or interdental brushes too.

If you’d like any hints or tips on oral health pop into the practice and ask Nikki for a quick demo.

July 2012

Sally at the Olympics

Dr Sally ButtonSally is currently working as a volunteer dentist at the Olympics in London.  She was selected to be one of the team of volunteer dentists caring for the teeth of thousands of Olympic athletes at the 2012 Games. 

Sally, along with several other dentists, hygienists and nurses is based at the Olympic Park in Stratford, in a newly built and fully equipped surgery. She is one of the team working 10 hour shifts to ensure someone is on hand for any emergencies or urgent treatment so that the athletes can continue with their Olympic programmes.

Sally says, “So far the dental clinic has been incredibly busy.  I am part of the team that undertakes the emergency cases so that the competitors can get back into the Games as soon as possible. Athletes, although in good shape physically, can sometimes neglect their teeth whilst training and competing, leading to problems such as abscesses and gum disease.  One major problem is dehydration and rehydration. Athletes use sugary, acidic drinks for rapid rehydration and this can have a major impact on their oral health.”

The ability to provide rapid diagnoses and emergency treatment is vital, something Sally has plenty of experience of from a previous role working in Australia with the Flying Doctors service practicing dentistry in aboriginal communities.

Sally will be busy—it is estimated that there will be at least 700 dental related incidents that will need treatment!  She will be back at Chagford Dental Practice from 13th August.

May 2012

National Smile Month 20th May – 20th June 2012

The three main messages of the campaign this year are:

At Chagford Dental Practice we wanted to get more involved this year with making everyone more aware of the campaign. We have been going into Chagford square at different times of the day to give out information on the main messages, balloons and stickers to the children and we are also giving out raffle tickets for our free prize draw for the chance to win an Oral B triumph 5000 electric toothbrush! The winner was Adrian Innocent who collected his new Oral B Triumph 5000 toothbrush from us recently.

As well as this we are offering free checkups to all new patients under the age of 16 years during half term and 10% discount off of all new patients for the whole of smile month!

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